How does your sex life stack up?

10 facts about the sex lives of Canadians

1. Canadians prefer brunettes the most, then black hair, blondes and redheads.
2. The average sexual session, including foreplay, lasts between 10 to 30 minutes.
3. One in four women routinely fake an orgasm.
4. Fifty percent of women say their body image interferes with their sex life.
5. The majority of Canadians lost their virginity between the ages of 16-20, followed by 10-15.
6. One in four Canadian women admit that a previous lover other than their current one was the best they ever had.
7. Thirty-eight percent of women own a vibrator.
8. Fifty-nine percent of Canadians say they have sex weekly.
9. French women have more orgasms: 72 percent said they had an orgasm most or all of the time compared to 57 percent of English-speaking women.
10. Canadian men average 23 sex partners, 10 more than American men at 13 which is the global average.

Sources: Sun Media-Leger Marketing poll, 2007; Durex Global Sex Survey, 2007/08; Chatelaine sex survey, 2008