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Superfood salad with cashew dressing – and a new way to eat it

Try this utensil trick for more mindful eating

superfood salad with cashew dressing

Photo, Erik Putz

When used correctly, your utensils double as tools to help you appreciate food again. It starts with turning your fork over and pushing smaller bites onto the back of it. “This is a big secret of mindful eating,” says Albers. “The fork isn’t a scoop. And it’s also important to set it down between bites, so you remember to chew.” Chewing gives your brain time to acknowledge when you’re really feeling full, so you’re less likely to overeat. Albers also likes using chopsticks to take more conscious bites, and she savours desserts with baby spoons to make smaller portions seem bigger.

Try it today: Flip your fork to enjoy this great new recipe – it makes for a fun mindful-eating challenge with all the delicious nuts, cherries and chickpeas to choose from.

Superfood salad with creamy cashew dressing.