How to order a healthier brunch

There's nothing better than a weekend bacon-and-egg outing. But there's a way to treat your body well — even at brunch.

Pairing your brunch with a cocktail and a generous helping of hollandaise can add up to 1,600 calories, says Toronto-based registered dietitian Melissa Baker. Here are Baker’s top tips for a health-conscious (but still yummy) weekend meal.

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Eat breakfast first

“Have a protein-filled snack when you wake up,” Baker says. “You won’t be ravenous and you’ll make more mindful decisions.” Try a slice of whole-wheat toast with peanut butter and half a banana.


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Downsize your omelette

Most omelettes are made with three eggs, but Baker says one or two is really all you need. If you’re worried about cholesterol, order the egg-white version.


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Just say no to bagels

Fact: a single bagel is equivalent to about three slices of toast. If you do order toast, ask for the butter on the side.


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Beware of hidden sugar

Granola is high in calories and many yogurts contain up to 15 g of sugar per serving. The same goes for smoothies — they’re nutritious, but they shouldn’t be treated like a beverage. As Baker says, “They’re a meal in themselves.”


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