Getting Through A Bad Day

I must admit, I’m having a pretty rough day. I’m completely preoccupied about the CT scan results (please let there be no more dragons!) I’m totally knocked out with low blood counts across the board, and the general effect is one of weakness and blubberingness. Pretty much whoever calls today is going to get a tearful earful from me, except my mom because she called while driving (hands-free, but still, as Bob Marley says, we don’t need no more trouble.) But then, sometimes when I start feeling sorry for myself, I just have to look around and open my eyes to all the suffering that other people are forced to endure, and it gives me a little perspective. For example, I direct you to this link to a tale of incredible suffering and dignity in the face of outrageous circumstances. Wow, talk about a “perfect storm.” I mean, that is just too overwhelming to contemplate.  Just kidding. What really does help me is all the encouraging comments and good mojo. And barfing in the general direction of this Mischa Barton person.

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