Get happy

Jan's health/happiness challenge: Finding time for herself in the career-and-kids bedlam

Jan Taylor McIntyre


Bio 44, Administrative assistant, proud mom, belly dancer

Go dancing The first time I watched a belly-dancing class, the movement, like ocean waves, mesmerized me. Now, I’m a member of a belly-dancing group called Genies of the Mist, and I dance a couple of times a week. I’m hooked on the music, costumes and sense of liberation. I just let go and feel comfortable with my body, even with the war wounds from having two babies.

Establish family rituals Sunday is family time with my 11-year-old and 14-year-old. It grounds us and gets us ready for the week. I spend the whole day in the kitchen, starting with a big brunch and ending with comfort food such as chowder for dinner; there’s this amazing aroma that fills the entire house.

Gain perspective I break down problems and look at them from all angles. I talk to myself in my head a lot! And I realized a while ago that no one but yourself can give you the solution to your problem.