Get happy

Maura's health/happiness challenge: Finding balance for mind, body and soul

Maura Tubridy


Bio 39, High-school teacher, devoted mom, fresh-air fiend

Live your faith My faith is so important to me, and it’s more than mass every Sunday. At the Catholic high school where I work, I help students prepare food hampers. Putting my values into action keeps me focused on what’s important. I know my life has purpose.

Go to bed! I get eight hours of sleep a night. It’s a priority, otherwise I can’t function well.

Get some exercise When I start to feel pent up, I hop on the spinning bike in my basement for 30 minutes. It’s an awesome stress reliever.

Zap family conflict My husband, Tom, created a game called Sister Points for our daughters, ages 7 and 9. They work as a team to accomplish certain goals—such as getting organized in the morning. If they succeed, they get one “sister point.” If they don’t get it together, they lose a point. Once the tally hits 150 the whole family goes out for a special meal and an overnight hotel stay. When you minimize conflict, the rest is joy.

Make a career leap When I was a nurse, I was frustrated and unhappy. Teaching fits who I am and I absolutely love it. I know that I’m using my talents.

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