Five hotels perfect for fitness fanatics

Keeping fit on a vacation is tough, especially when you're staying in places that have a breakfast buffet (and unlimited drinks). But what about a vacation that's specifically organized around the idea of fitness?

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Keeping fit on a vacation is tough, especially when you’re staying in places that have a breakfast buffet (and unlimited drinks). But what about a vacation that’s specifically organized around the idea of fitness? Something that will get you out of the dingy hotel gym and into the weather you likely travelled to enjoy. When we saw writer Jennifer Mosscrop’s list of the top five hotels in America for the fitness fanatic we wanted to see for ourselves just what these hotels had to offer, and whether we’d be willing to sign up. Find out what made the list and how you can enjoy these trips just south of the border.

1. Bicycling
at Kimpton Hotels: Kimpton’s Chicago-based hotels recently introduced a “Bike this Town” package, which includes accommodations, bike rentals, picnic lunch, and equipment like helmets, energy bars, bottled water and suggested routes of lakefront trails and accessible beaches. Sounds like a great way to make more room for deep-dish pizza. This would make a great weekend trip.

2. Power walk at Disneyland Resort: When I think of Disneyland, I mostly think about standing in line. But, every morning at 7:30, hotel guests can join a two-mile power walk through Disney California Adventure Park before it opens. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll even catch a glimpse of Cinderella, hauling ass to the Magic Kingdom, in her work sneakers. This is a great way to see the park as something more than a child-crazed hysteria.

3. ElliptiGO rental at Westin Hotels & Resorts: An “ElliptiGO” sounds like a mythical fitness creature; an ungodly mix with the legs of a bicycle and the body of an elliptical trainer. But behold, it is a real thing and select Westin properties are now offering the chance to combine cycling, running and elliptical in one rented vehicle. It’s a great way to see the city and, regardless of how long you ElliptiGo for, we’re confident there’s a Westin spa waiting to take all your (muscle) pain away.

4. Walking tour kits at Affinia Hotels: Affinia Hotels (in New York and Washington, D.C.) offer walking tour kits complete with iPod Shuffles or Nanos loaded with route maps and workout playlists. Along with your handy tech tools, guidebooks, city maps, a pedometer and a towel, you are on your way to getting some exercise and becoming better acquainted with the city you’re in. StayFit kits also include sundry yoga equipment and weights, in case you want to go sweat in the park.

5. Triathlete training at Turnberry Isle Miami: If you’ve been to Miami you know that being, and staying, in shape very important. If you’re looking for something a little more hardcore whilst you’re away, try the fitness programs at Turnberry Isle Miami. They have programs designed for both beginner and more advanced athletes, like: triathlete training, Tour de Turnberry and Laguna Pool Cycle & Swim depending on your fitness level. With those extra calories burned you won’t feel bad about that extra cocktail post-meal!

Have you ever gone on a fitness vacation?

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