Five dates under $20

Romance on the cheap still smells as sweet

1. What’s cheaper than free?

Find out what’s going on in your city for free – no matter the season, there’s usually something going on, indoors or out. Check out an open mic night, find out when the museums are free or stop by a concert. Hey, if you don’t like the material, you have something to commiserate – and laugh – about, and you won’t leave feeling ripped off.

2. Something sweet on your feet

Share a naughty indulgence on the go (no, we’re not condoning public indecency). Eating chocolate releases endorphins in the brain that are similar to the experience of being in love, so grab something ooey-gooey, a few napkins and take a walk.

3. Explore new frontiers

Check out a new neighbourhood or hit the city and set a souvenir budget for $5 or less each. You can learn a lot from a person when you see them in new surroundings – and from how creative they get with their souvenir.

4. Wine, blanket, baguette…

A picnic is a foolproof cheap date – though be cautious when buying items like cheese, wine or fancy antipasto as it can add up quickly. Don’t make it a meal date, a few nibbles and a bottle of wine under $10 are all you need. Bring a comfortable blanket and you may not be eating for long.

5. Play outdoors

There’s possibility in the playground, people. Hit the swings, share the slide, kiss on the monkeybars…opportunities are endless. Aim for the post-bedtime hour to reduce the number of noisy romance-wreckers, otherwise known as children. Also good to note: A park in the dark provides a lot of privacy.