Walking workout plan: Get your best body in just four weeks

Combine interval training, hills and speed walking to help reduce stress, boost endurance and burn mega calories.

woman walking on trail uphill, sunny day, summer

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The Zero-to-Hero plan Kick-start weight loss with this fun but challenging program. Warm up by walking normally for five minutes. Finish your workout with a five-minute, leisurely-paced cool-down. Bonus points: Add one of our 10-minute workouts for extreme full-body toning. Speed: Walk at a brisk pace: fast but not as quick as a jog. Aim for rapid breathing, but you should still be able to just barely keep up a conversation. Push yourself to maintain the same pace for the entire time — no pausing or slowing down. Intervals: Alternate between a moderate pace and a brisk pace for five minutes each. For the brisk portion, walk as quickly as you can (or even amp it up to a jog), to get the biggest benefit. If you find it hard to keep your speed up for the full five minutes, start with one-minute intervals and work your way up. Inclines: If you walk outside, find a hill and walk up it at a brisk pace. If you walk on a treadmill, choose a three-percent incline for your first week. Then challenge yourself by increasing the incline every week. Remember, the steeper the hill, the more calories you burn and the fitter you become.


Fit tips: Make sure to stretch it out. Finish each workout by stretching every muscle in your legs. Combine this workout plan with our healthy eating tips from our Do Diet page, including recipe ideas and expert fitness advice. For more health tips and fitness ideas get your copy of Chatelaine‘s Whole Beauty issue on newsstands now.