The perfect playlist

Take some of the work out of your workout - and relax afterwards - with our favourite tunes


Researchers have found that music helps pacing, endurance and mental attitude. But to reap the rewards, you need the right soundtrack: it will guide your moves, make you push a little harder, and calm you down after it’s all over. For walking, you need music that falls in the beats-per-minute (BPM) zone of 80-130, peaking at the hardest part of your workout. You can make your own list using online tools like BeaTunes, which will sort your iTunes library by BPM. Or try our playlist:

GET GOING (95-118 BPM) – 11:26

1. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (3:13), Beyonce – 97 BPM
A high-energy starter like this Beyonce track will wake up your head and your legs.

2. Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine, Pt.1, (5:15), James Brown – 109 BPM
This funk classic will make you feel energetic and sexy as you walk (or strut) your route.

3. Crazy (2:58), Gnarls Barkley – 112 BPM
Gnarls Barkley will get you into the groove as you get your heart rate up.

HIT YOUR STRIDE (118 – 130 BPM) – 13:53

4. Billie Jean (4:54), Michael Jackson – 118 BPM
This vintage track will take you back and move you forward at the same time.

5. Clocks (5:07), Coldplay – 130 BPM
This song’s fast, energetic tempo and relaxed, soothing vocals will make you forget how hard you’re working.

6. You Belong With Me (3:52), Taylor Swift – 130 BPM
Swift’s cute country pop will help you jet along.

COOL DOWN (80-110 BPM) – 9:55

7. Fidelity (3:46), Regina Spektor – 93 BPM
This quirky track from one of our favourite artists will make you want to skip down the street.

8. Mushaboom (3:44), Feist – 89 BPM
Feist’s dreamy voice will relax you on the walk home.

9. Steve McQueen (3:25), Sheryl Crow – 85 BPM
This sunny track will bring your heart rate down and end your walk on a high note.