Stephanie Dexter

While Stephanie Dexter will always be concerned with how much she weighs, she now spends more time relishing how she feels

While Stephanie Dexter will always be concerned with how much she weighs, she now spends more time relishing how she feels. After losing an amazing 157 pounds, the High River, Alta. resident has a brand new body and she intends to maintain it by continuing to make fitness a major part of her life.

Stephanie remembers the moment she decided to start taking care of her body. It was February 2002, and she was explaining to her three-year old twins how to escape from their bi-level house if there was a fire. “I looked at them, looked at the window and I realized that it would be my responsibility to get them out. There was no way I could do it.” At five foot eight, she weighed 316 pounds. “I realized that if I didn’t change, I wouldn’t be able to do the most important thing in the world: take care of my family.”

Stephanie joined Weight Watchers that same month and over the next two years and eight months, she worked toward her goal and chronicled her inspiring journey on her personal website. When she hit her goal weight, she says, “I was shocked and stunned, but I realized that the true battle had just begun.”

To keep herself motivated, Stephanie builds variety into her routine. She runs four times a week, but varies her route and distance – running on walking trails, up hills and alongside a river. Aside from running, Stephanie does Pilates once a week and plays in a competitive women’s volleyball league. “I have to make exercise fun, that’s key,” she says. “I like the camaraderie and the laughter that comes with team sports.” Her biggest motivation, however, is how her fit new body feels. “I feel stronger, physically, day by day,” she says. “I love that people don’t stare at me anymore. I love that my muscles and body feel capable.”

Her advice to you: There is no magic pill when it comes to weight loss. Being healthy consists of making choices on a daily basis: making the choice to exercise and the choice to eat well.

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