Step it up!

Tips for getting started with your new Chatelaine Step Counter

Ready to start counting steps? It’s easy!

  1. Press MODE several times until you reach the step counter status screen (the screen will display STEP in the top right hand corner). Press UP to activate. The walker icon on the display indicates that the step counter is on.
  2. Clip the step counter to your waistband, in line with your knee
  3. Start Walking!
  • To stop or pause the step counter press UP at any time. The walker icon will disappear, indicating that steps are not being counted.
  • To reset your step counter to zero, press SET when the step counter is off (no walker icon)

To set the clock, press MODE several times until the clock is displayed. Press SET. The seconds will flash. Move between hour, minute & second by pressing SET. Press UP to adjust the time. Press SET to save the time.

• Select 12/24 hour time format by pressing UP while in the display mode.

To use the calorie converter, you must set your weight before you can use this function. While in the clock mode, hold down MODE for 2 seconds. Weight setting will display. Press SET (weight will start flashing). Press UP to set your weight.

• The weight calculation is in kilograms. Note: 1 pound = 0.454 kg

You can now access the calorie converter. While in the step counter mode press both MODE an UP at the same time. Your energy used (in calories) will be shown as well as the distance traveled.

If there is no further operation then the display will return to the step counter mode after 16 seconds.

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