Jenny Warken

Jenny started small to get big results

Jenny Warken has gone from workout-phobe to walking junkie – and made it a family affair. When this Regina-based mom decided to start walking a year and a half ago, her main concern was boosting her fitness and energy levels. Between university classes and part-time work, she hadn’t found a way to fit fitness in, and she was paying for it. “I was feeling sluggish and miserable,” says Warken.

Fed up with feeling down, she decided to start small: leaving the car at home and walking the 25 minutes to school and back. Within weeks, her mood lifted and she wanted to do more. So, Warken started the tradition of after-dinner walks around the neighbourhood every other day with her six-year-old daughter, Justine, instead of plunking down on the couch and watching TV. Warken’s energy increased and she has even dropped between five and 10 pounds as a result. Still, she says the best thing is how much closer she is with her daughter. “Justine really enjoys it and I think it’s teaching her good habits for the future,” says Warken. Justine’s enthusiasm keeps them both on track. “When it’s cold out and I don’t feel like going, hearing, ‘Let’s do something, Mom!’ is a great motivator.”

Her advice to you: Push yourself to get going – even if you don’t feel like it. “I always feel so much better after I walk. If I am healthy, I can be a better mom, friend, sister and person to those around me.”

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