Four fitness trends to add to your workout routine

Getting sick of spin class? Then why not try something new! Here are our favourite picks from The American College of Sports Medicine's annual fitness poll

woman at gym, towel, weights, dumbbells


1. Discount personal trainers
Having a personal trainer to perfect your form and push you is super helpful — but cost-effective it is not. Thank the double-dip recession for group personal training increasing in popularity: Many gyms now offer personal training for groups of two to three people who have similar fitness levels, cutting costs for all the participants without compromising the benefits.
You’ll love it: If you’re brand new to a fitness routine, have an injury that you need to work around or would like to maximize results.

2. Dance craze-y
The popularity of Zumba and other dance-focused fitness routines was on the rise last year, and they’re only set to become more popular now that they’ve hit the top-20 chart . And what’s not to love? These Latin-based high-energy workouts are addictive and fun. Plus, they get results by combining interval and resistance training to give you a full-body burn.
You’ll love it: If you’re an up-for-anything woman who loves to shake your booty, think the treadmill is yawn-worthy or you need a little peer pressure to get moving.

3. More weights. Less Cardio
Strength training is crazy-popular: It was the number three choice in 2011. Much of the growth is coming from people joining the bodybuilders in the weight room — that is, women (and younger and older gym-going men) who are looking for strength, not bulk. And it doesn’t hurt that more muscle boosts stamina and sharpens focus.
You’ll love it: If you’ve hit a plateau, want to feel stronger or see results faster. Strength training twice a week is an essential component of any well-rounded workout routine.

4. Boomer time

What good is Botox if you don’t have the body to match? Trainers are responding to the boomers’ quest for youth with specifically designed workouts. “Age-appropriate” routines are low impact and more about staying active than losing weight or building muscle. This dovetails with another trend for older adults: functional fitness, which involves using strength training to improve balance and quality of life.
You’ll love it: If your golden years are just around the corner and you dream of travelling without being sidelined by aches and pains.