Four super-sculpting exercises to tone your abs

10-minute workout: Tighten and power-up your core with these quick and easy moves.

10-minute workout abs crunches

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The plan: Do these moves three times a week, and you’ll see more definition in a month or less. For faster results, add 20 minutes of cardio.

Standing obliques, Feb 13, p90

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1. Standing obliques
Start with one arm overhead and foot turned out. In one fluid motion, bring arm down and bend leg up, crunching to side to touch elbow to knee. Return to start. Do 10 to 12 reps. Switch sides.

Perfect your form: Keep back straight and chin up.

Dial it down: Lie on back with knees bent and arms at sides. Reach one hand at a time along side toward heels.

Amp it up: Hold a light weight in each hand.

Swizzle reach, Feb 13, p90

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2. Swizzle reach
Lie with both legs lifted at an angle and hands reaching toward shins. Scissor-kick legs, reaching hands just beyond closer thigh. Do 10 to 12 reps on each side.

Perfect your form: Keep abs tight and chest lifted toward ceiling.

Dial it down: Kick legs up and down without reaching your hands forward.

Amp it up: Do a few more reps and hold each swizzle reach for 2 counts.

Side hip raises, Feb 13, p90

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3. Side hip raises
Start on side, with legs stacked and feet flexed, resting one forearm on the floor. Place opposite hand on hip (for balance). Lift into side plank. Hold for 2 counts. Raise and lower hips 10 to 12 times. Switch sides. Repeat.

Perfect your form: Keep elbow of supporting arm in line with your shoulder.

Dial it down: Skip raises; hold side plank for 10 counts.

Amp it up: Try lifting your top leg up while raising hips!

Elbow touch & twist, Feb 13, p90

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4. Elbow touch & twist
Start in seated position with knees together and feet up off floor. Lean back slightly and engage abs to protect lower back. Lift bent arms in front of chest. Twist and touch one elbow down to the floor, then switch sides. Do 10 to 12 reps.

Perfect your form: Avoid rounding your back.

Dial it down: Keep your feet flat on floor.

Amp it up: Hold a weight between your hands.

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