The 3 Best Running Apps for Surviving Cardio

These apps make the treadmill tolerable.

Classes all booked up? You can still log that workout. And while we’d rather sweat it out at Soul Cycle or downward dog at yoga, sometimes the condo gym is our only option. These three running apps make that treadmill more bearable.

Zombies, Run!
Part fitness tracker, part radio play, this app pushes you to run far, far away from an advancing horde of the undead. Survival is the ultimate incentive.

Treadmill Trails
Instead of staring blankly at a random rerun, fix your eyes on these 30-minute, GoPro-shot videos of Big Sur, Hawaii or Central Park, so you’ll feel like you’re on vacation while you jog through a stunning vista.

Fitbit Adventures
Challenge your pals to a virtual foot race in Yosemite National Park or along Manhattan’s streets; brag incessantly if you beat them.

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