Best exercise moves for all-in-one toning

10-minute workout: Fewer moves, faster results! Do these four exercises three times a week — and sculpt every single inch

toning workout exercise

3. Curtsy lunge with side lifts

toning workout exercise

3. Plank kick-ups

toning workout exercise

2. Single-leg bent-over row

toning workout exercise

1. Lunge jacks

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You need: Dumbbells

1. Lunge jacks
Lower into lunge with one arm raised beside your ear and the other behind your hip. Push off front leg, jumping into air. Land in a lunge on the opposite leg, with opposite arm raised, and repeat. Do 20 reps, switching sides as you go.

Perfect your form: Avoid locking knees when you land.
Dial it down: Skip the power jump. Perform static lunges.
Amp it up: Move forward as you do the exercise.

2. Single-leg bent-over row
Holding a dumbbell in each hand, hinge forward, lifting one leg parallel to the floor and extending arms straight. Bend elbows toward your chest. Pause, then lower arms again. Do 15 reps, then switch legs and do 15 more.

Perfect your form: Squeeze shoulder blades together at the top of each row.
Dial it down: Do rows with both legs on the ground.
Amp it up: Use heavier weights.

3. Plank kick-ups
Start in plank position with your arms straight. Bend one leg into chest, then push it back and lift toward ceiling, shifting your body into an inverted V shape. Return knee to chest, lowering hips. Repeat 20 times on the same leg, then switch legs and do 20 more.

Perfect your form: Keep your chin away from chest.
Dial it down: Hold plank; alternate pulling knees to chest.
Amp it up: Do a push-up in between cycles.

4. Curtsy lunge with side lifts

Holding dumbbells, step one foot diagonally behind the other and bend both knees. Straighten legs, reaching back leg and arm out to the side, as you curl the other arm to your ear. Return to curtsy lunge. Do 10 reps on each side.

Perfect your form: Use slow and controlled movement.
Dial it down: Ditch the dumbbells.
Amp it up: Do 3 to 5 bicep curls while in lunging position.

Calorie-burning bonus: Keep your heart rate up by jumping rope (or mimicking the motion) for 60 seconds between exercises.