12 days of fitness: Strength training on day 7

On the seventh day of fitness Ramona Braganza gives to us... a tip on how to power through strength training reps with a drop set

It’s the seventh day of the 12 Days of Fitness and celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza is talking about her love of strength training. (I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now, given that almost all of the moves in the 12-day challenge include dumbbells!) Ramona’s celebrity-inspired tip for today has to do with a move she did with Paula Patton when she trained her during the filming of World of Warcraft. It’s about how to perform a drop set  a sneaky move that involves switching to a lighter weight mid-set if the weight you started out with becomes too heavy. It’s important to finish your reps, says Ramona, so if that means swapping out your 5-pound dumbbell for your 3-pound dumbbell halfway through, that’s just fine. Keep that in mind when completing your Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows in today’s workout, below. Ready? Drop set!


12 days of fitness workout challenge


Click here for a printable PDF of the 12 Days of Fitness workout graphic.

For more 3-2-1 workouts and celebrity-inspired fitness tips, visit Ramona’s website, download her app or follow her on Twitter.

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