How your bra may one day stop you from emotional eating

Microsoft has created a bra prototype that can sense your emotions and help you avoid trigger situations.

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A bad day at work. A fight with my mom. A tiff with a pal. On days when it feels like life is handing me lemons, I have to confess that I don’t often make lemonade. It’s more likely that I go to the convenience store and splurge on a bag of chips, a chocolate bar and a can of pop.

When life hands me lemons, I eat junk food. Or rather, I binge on it.

But I’m not the only emotional eater out there. (Sometimes I wonder if there’s any other kind of eater besides an emotional one.) And I’m sure I’m not the only one who laments the fact that I ate the entire carton of ice cream even though I intended to only have a few spoonfuls. Thanks, Ben & Jerry!

Take a deep breath. Wait fifteen minutes and let the craving pass. Go for a walk. These are some of the tips I’ve employed in the past to help me stave off the ‘I need to numb myself with a carb and sugar cocktail’ feeling that gets me into diet trouble.

In the future, however, stress-eaters like me may not have to rely on such mental tricks. We may simply have to put on our bras.

Researchers at Microsoft have created a mood-sensing bra that is able to identify triggers that cause behaviours like binge eating, reports The Daily Beast. The garments are equipped with sensors that monitor physiological responses such as heart rate, breathing and sweating. That info is then sent to a person’s smartphone via an app which helps identify factors that contribute to stress eating.

You won’t find the bra in lingerie stores anytime soon, though. It’s currently just an experiment. Like me, you may also be wondering if the product is entirely necessary — or helpful. I don’t think the information would come as such a surprise to the wearer. Highly emotional exchanges, anxieties related to work, finances and relationships, hormonal shifts, dealing with ornery relatives — I’ve got a lock on the factors that make me run for the pantry. It’s changing my response to them that’s the kicker. Tell me something I don’t know super-smart bra and then we’ll talk, okay?

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