The lazy woman's diet for getting in shape

On those days you feel unmotivated to get to the gym, up your dosage of these key ingredients to help you maintain a svelte silhouette.


Roasted asparagus and creamy tahini. Photo, Angus Fergusson.

Though they often cite “genetics” as the reason behind their lithe figures, starlets and supermodels go to great lengths to be able to fit into their size 0s. They exercise for hours daily, they master cleanse, they go vegan, and only they know what else.

Compelled by their physical perfection — their seemingly thutt-less backsides and their considerable thigh gaps — the average woman will attempt a variety of extreme measures too.

But is there an easy (read: lazy) way to stay slim? One that doesn’t require endless hours working out and subsisting on a diet of carrot sticks and hummus?


Harper’s Bazaar recently ran an article entitled “The Lazy Gal’s Guide to Staying Svelte.” Designed as a quick fix for those of us who are trapped in the polar vortex and consequently disinclined to head to the gym, the piece makes a handful of dietary suggestions for keeping muffin tops in check.

One ‘lazy’ tip: ingest more vitamin D. The vitamin, which many of us don’t get enough of, is thought to help moderate appetite and plays a role in how we burn or store fat. It’s hard to get enough vitamin D — the sun is a great source — but cereals, milk and orange juice are often fortified with the vitamin. You can also take a daily supplement.

In addition to eating a diet that’s rich in vegetables, lean protein and fruit, you may also be wise to make sure to throw strawberries and asparagus into your weekly grocery shop. Strawberries, writes Nicole Cantanese in Harper’s, are an excellent source of vitamin C, fibre and calcium, all of which boost metabolism and maintain blood sugar levels, while asparagus acts as an all-natural diuretic, effectively ‘de-bloating’ your bloatables.

The article doesn’t really offer any kind of quick fix — eating strawberries and asparagus alone won’t keep you lean. But it makes a fair point: You don’t need to work out like a maniac all the time to stay trim. Rather, by eating a healthy diet that’s rich in whole foods — fruits, vegetables, lean protein and grains — you can maintain a sleek silhouette.

The good news for ‘lazy’ working gals: Eating a healthy diet means you can give the elliptical machine a pass when it’s -19 and you just want to go home and watch House of Cards on Netflix.


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Frozen-yogurt-covered strawberries

Roasted asparagus and creamy tahini dip

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