Dr. Oz's three easy ways to fight fat (without even trying)

These three nutrition tips from the good Dr. Mehmet Oz will help you fight aging and stay healthy and slim.

Blueberry, banana smoothie

Opt for a blueberry and banana smoothie first thing in the morning to rev up your metabolism (Photo by Istock).

These three tips will help you fight aging and stay healthy and slim.

1. Practise healthy substitutions (and control portions at the same time!)

This strategy’s a no-brainer. Simply eat small amounts of a healthier version of whatever you crave most. So if cola’s what you’re in the mood for, make it a low-calorie spritzer with soda water and a splash of fruit juice. Another good strategy is to keep prepacked healthy snacks around at all times, such as a can of vegetable juice, a baggie of nuts or a piece of fruit to satisfy sweet cravings. The easier it is for you to make healthy choices, the more success you’ll have.

2. Start every day with a smoothie

Skipping the first meal of the day is one of the biggest diet saboteurs. Avoid this pitfall with a quick, power-packed smoothie. Start with a protein source like soy or almond milk, yogourt or protein powder. Then customize it to your taste with fibre-rich frozen berries, or a potassium-packed banana. My personal favourite includes blueberries, honey, psyllium-seed husks and a little bit of water and ice cubes all blended together. You can also sneak in a spoonful of powdered vitamins for an added boost. (I like to make it the night before and store it in the fridge for an easy grab-and-go way to start my day off right.)

Try these recipes:
Strawberry field smoothie
Blueberry brain boost smoothie
Green pear smoothie

3. Make certain foods a no-go

Choosing foods that pack on pounds versus foods that help you burn calories all comes down to fat: bad fats and good fats. Trans fats (often labelled partially hydrogenated oils) are the ones you want to avoid. The problem is that they’re often hidden in margarine, packaged cookies, crackers and even pasta. Make sure to check food labels because even if the front of the package says “trans-fat free,” the product is allowed to have up to 0.2 g of it. And those little amounts add up fast. You want zero grams of trans fats all the time.

When it comes to good fats, look for monounsaturated fats, which I like to call MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids). They’re found in nuts, olive oil, seeds and avocados and can actually help reduce belly fat. Other great belly-fat burners are green tea, which boosts metabolism, and whole grains, which give you the fibre you need to keep your energy up.

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