Cancer Perk Alert: Technology & Treatment Program

Now this is what I call a Cancer Perk! I just received and set up my new (free! pink!) BlackBerry Pearl, courtesy of an amazing little program from Rethink Breast Cancer and Telus Mobility called Technology & Treatment. Basically it means I can stay on top of the total chaos that is my life while having one less bill to worry about ‘ the program offers women in treatment unlimited texting, browsing, e-mail and nationwide calling for free. Yes, I am totally serious. I wouldn’t make this up. For those of you now thinking, ˜How can I get me one of those?’ I lifted this off the Rethink Breast Cancer site: Who is eligible: Young women in Canada (in their 20s, 30s or early 40s) who are newly diagnosed and/or in active treatment for breast cancer. For more information, contact Rethink Breast Cancer at 416-920-0980 or toll free at 1-866-RETHINK. Or, send an email to I can now read and reply to blog comments from- well, wherever I may be. Plus I’ve already put all my gazillions of appointments in the calendar ‘ CT scans, clinics, blood work, social stuff, work stuff- the whole nine enchiladas, as my friend Steve would say.  And yes, I did set up a big fat reminder that notifies me when it’s time to take a break from chemo, so hopefully I won’t ever screw that up again. Anyway it’s lovely. It made my day. And the people who help you set it up ‘ both at Rethink and at Telus ‘ are super nice and very helpful. Call them.  Do it now. Stop reading, you should be calling. Dial now, please. Thanks to all you smart, kind people at Telus & Rethink!

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