Cancer Commercials

In my humble opinion this is an ad for people whose lives have been hit with the cancer stick.  I like the personification of cancer in this ad because the experience of cancer can indeed feel like living under violent dictatorship, or being stalked by a serial killer. The anger and hatred expressed towards cancer in this ad is palpable ‘ and a refreshing change from the heart-wrenching, super-depressing imagery of helplessness and victimhood that you so often see in materials related to cancer.  Not that it won’t make you cry like a schoolgirl; just makes you do so with clenched fists. And then ‘ waaaayyyy on the other end of the spectrum ‘ there’s this PSA, which, if I may say, is an ad for people who have no frikking idea.  Like seriously, not even the faint and fluttering beginnings of a clue. The target viewer for this one seems to be a Maxim-magazine reader with no breast cancer risk factors and a permanent woody.  Who doesn’t do his own laundry.  Might still live with his parents.  But, I guess if he’s into supporting breast cancer, he’s ok by me.  And one more ‘ just in case you are under the mistaken impression that I’ve got something against things that are immature, kind of gross and involve bikini-clad models — check out this effective messaging about skin cancer.  Takes all kinds to beat cancer.