Guess which country is the most educated in the world...

Canadians are graduating with post-secondary degrees more than any other country. Get all the study details here.

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It’s not enough that we’re unfailingly, even painfully polite. It’s not enough that we’re funny, even hilarious — just ask Martin Short, he’ll tell you. Now, it seems that we’re smart, too. Maybe even the smartest people in the world. Book smart, perhaps, but smart nonetheless.

Smart enough to stay in school.

Canada is the most educated nation on the planet says the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in its report, “Education at a Glance“.

And we just keep getting smarter. Canadians with post-graduate and graduate levels of education have increased significantly, growing from 40 percent to 51 percent from 2000 to 2012.

We’re so smart, in fact, we’ve managed to become an international brain box while spending less than rival nations whose performances are less impressive. Israel, Japan and the U.S. are our closest equals, though at 42 percent, the latter is almost 10 points behind the home team.

Naysayers level the usual criticisms — intelligence isn’t quantifiable or subject to formal certification; young people are wasting time and money just to wind up flipping burgers.

Fair enough.

But in a world filled with countries whose children struggle to go to school, whose boys and girls are forced to work in fields and stone quarries, whose dreams of intellectual freedom — the key to upward mobility and the great social equalizer — are destined to go cruelly unfulfilled, then Canada’s educated population is not just some sort of bourgeois statistic trumpeting conventional measures of success, but an authentic triumph of personal, social and historic freedom that warrants if not celebration, then at least a grudging pat on the back.

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