Calling all Chrome Domes, Egg Heads, Great Baldinis, GI Janes-

Following Friday’s post with my hair-losing shots, a comment-exchange with a reader (see comments Fri, Oct. 17) led to the idea of getting other women to post their own bald/buzzed shots on the blog. It is intense, this process of losing hair, and I know it takes courage to bare your baldness, but it might bring comfort to other women going through it. There’s also something I call the “F you, cancer!” effect.  When I posted my photos I felt that I had taken ownership of the thing that had scared me the most about losing my hair (that loss of hair = loss of control.)  It felt like I was turning the tables on cancer.  That’s a pretty good feeling. So I’d like to invite anyone out there who is going through or has gone through the balding experience (not you, dad) to send me your own hair-losing/totally bald photos to be posted on this blog.  Share your kojack moment, whatever it may be. editor has kindly agreed to receive any photos & size them for me, so please send them to Don’t forget your name (anonymous is fine too) and any comments you want to add. Such as,”F you, cancer!”

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