Which material makes the best pajamas?

We sent our features director (and resident insomniac) Danielle Groen off to bed with three pairs of PJs to see which produced the most satisfying slumber.


Set 1: Polyester Nightshirt

Expert take: Polyester isn’t great if you run hot at night, says Sheila Connell, owner of Shades of Sleep in Calgary. And it’s a common misconception that bamboo is any better. “The process to make bamboo into a fibre is a long and not environmentally friendly one — and  it’s basically just rayon in the end.”

Danielle says: “The fabric barely breathed and the shirt kept bunching up around my waist. I finally just tore the damn thing off.”

Set 2: Cotton Two-Piece

Expert take: “Full-length PJs are restrictive. A thin-strapped nightgown that stops at your knees is better for sleepers who tend to move around at night.”

Danielle says: “These PJs are adorable, so I was highly invested in them working out. They did, sorta: The cotton’s comfy, but I kept fussing with the mid-length sleeves.”

Set 3: Modal Short Set

Expert take: “Even though cotton is a great natural fibre to sleep in, Modal, a relatively new fibre made from beech trees, is extremely soft and 50 percent more breathable.”

Danielle says: “I was skeptical about the shortie-shorts, but the whole outfit is made of some light, cool magic that actually let me forget I don’t have AC. The best sleep of all.”

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