Focus on the fun to beat winter blues

Our health editor Laurie Jennings shares her tips for making the most of winter's dreary days.

Headshot of Laurie Jennings

Roberto Caruso

I know, I know. It’s cold outside, and you hate that night falls before five o’clock. Not to mention the added work of shovelling snow and sloshing through slushy streets. (To that part, I say I just think of all the extra calories you’re burning!) But seriously, if there’s ever a time of year when most of us need a boost, it’s probably now. And the more I think about it, the more I think the solution is simple: Focus on the fun. So this Sunday, why not go tobogganing with a kid in your life (I’m taking my nephews). Or hit the ice rink (who cares if you haven’t laced up in years!). Next thing you know, you’ll have laughed your way through winter (minus the blues, of course).

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