Are you a sex guru?

Orgasms, libido-boosters and erogenous zones, oh my! Test your IQ when it comes to all things intimate

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1. True or false: You’re most likely to have an orgasm in the missionary position.


Answer: False

“The number-one question I get is, ‘How do I have an orgasm during intercourse?'” says Edmonton sexologist Brian Parker. “Most people don’t realize that the missionary position is the worst for women’s pleasure. The best three are woman on top, doggy style and spooning.”

2. Which of these spices will boost your libido?


Answer: Nutmeg

According to Daniel Amen, MD, author of Sex on the Brain, nutmeg is used in Indian medicine to boost the libido. In one study, researchers also found that nutmeg had the same effect on lab rats as Viagra.

3. How many calories can you burn during a vigorous shag?


Answer: 100

A vigorous shag can burn more than 100 calories, as much as a brisk walk or running up a few flights of stairs. And while that may not be enough to replace your regular workout, sexual activity has been linked to good cardiovascular health. Several studies indicate that a roll in the hay may help relieve hypertension and stress, two major factors in maintaining a healthy heart.

4. True or false: Talking dirty can improve your sex life.


Answer: True

“Get a feel for talking dirty by reading some erotica, then work up to sending a naughty text message or an email,” says Shelley Taylor, owner of Venus Envy, a sex shop with locations in Ottawa and Halifax. “Being able to talk about sex can be a big confidence booster. If you can say what you want, you’ll probably get it.”

5. Regular exposure to semen has been shown to:

Reduce bloating
Reduce the incidence of depression
Prevent wrinkles

Answer: Reduce the incidence of depression

A 2002 study from the State University of New York suggested that regular exposure to semen reduced the incidence of depression among 293 women. Connecting with your partner through sex also helps shield you from life’s emotional blows. “During times of anxiety, you won’t feel as estranged from each other,” says the Calgary sexologist Trina Read. “It’s easier to ride out the bad patches.”

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