Advertorial: Clearing out congestion

Breathe a sigh of relief this season with Otrivin Saline.


Cold and flu season is upon us. Some days it can seem as though everywhere you go, someone’s got a case of the sniffles. Get ready for sneezing, coughing, chills, pain, fatigue, and of course, congestion.

For many, congestion is one of the most frustrating symptoms of a cold. It becomes difficult to breathe, to eat, to sleep, to kiss, and at times, to speak. So, short of cutting off your nose, what’s your best option for fast relief? A hypertonic saline wash like Otrivin Saline Severe Congestion Relief with Seawater.

Isotonic vs. hypertonic saline washes: It’s all about osmosis

When you’re severely congested, two things are happening. First, your nose is being blocked by mucus and second, your nasal passages swell.

Isotonic saline is a salt-water solution that contains the same concentration of salt as our own body fluids. This solution will flush out mucus, but it will not shrink swelling in your nasal passages. Instead, turn to a hypertonic solution. It contains a greater concentration of salt than our own body fluids and will cause cells, including nasal membranes, to shrink, thus reducing swelling in your nasal passages.

Here’s how it works:
In a regular isotonic nasal wash, the salt concentration in the solution is the same as is present in the nasal membranes. Using an isotonic solution does not affect the size or shape of the nasal membranes.

In a hypertonic solution, the concentration of salt is higher than inside the nasal membranes. So, when you have a cold, use a hypertonic solution – osmosis will draw out the built up moisture and reduce your nasal membranes to their normal size.

The next time you experience sinus congestion due to a cold or allergies, trust Otrivin Saline Severe Congestion with Seawater. This powerful, yet natural hypertonic nasal spray relieves nasal and sinus congestion caused by colds and allergies. Its Dual Action first UNBLOCKS by loosening, thinning and washing away mucus, promoting nasal and sinus drainage. Then the hypertonic solution DECONGESTS by reducing swelling, drawing water out of the nasal membrane.

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