Cooking Canada, From Coast To Coast

What is Canadian cuisine? From Vancouver to Halifax, we think it's about the people who cook the best of what their home has to offer—and inspire others to do the same.

When the Chatelaine team got together (by video conference, of course!) to plan a Made in Canada food feature for this issue, we got to talking about what makes any kind of cooking Canadian in the first place. There is no easy formula for this: the concept of Canadian-ness itself is a tough proposition when it comes to identity, especially around food. Focusing just on dishes widely known as Canadian inventions—butter tarts, poutine, Nanaimo bars—leaves out generations of immigrant communities who’ve had a profound influence on what and how we cook today. Meanwhile, identifying Indigenous foodways as Canadian instead of traditions uniquely borne out of First Nations, Inuit and Métis cultures is another kind of erasure.

The truth is, any one answer is incomplete. So we decided to get plenty of perspectives instead. We spoke to 10 food bloggers from coast to coast about what they’re cooking; they graciously agreed to share some of their recipes with us, and we think you’re going to love them. They’re by no means the only Canadian food there is—but they’re a delicious place to start.