This kitchen gadget achieves toast nirvana

Your morning slice can now be the bearer of toasty notes, weather reports and emoji doodles.

Kitchen gadget: Toasteroid smart toaster.

This smart kitchen gadget takes on your morning slice. (Photo, Toasteroid.)

Dial-control toasters may soon be a thing of the past as the straightforward kitchen appliance gets an extreme, high-tech makeover.

The Toasteroid — the latest gadget to hit it big on Kickstarter — perfects your morning slice via a smartphone app. The brownness control feature allows you to toast each slice with an enviable level of precision, meaning no slice will ever be over- or under-done.

How many ways can you toast a piece of bread? Lots, it turns out. The sleekly designed Toasteroid uses micro-filament heating technology to evenly distribute heat so it can also brand each slice with a message or image. Serve up everything from the weather report to funny doodles, cute messages, passive-aggressive reminders and emoji faces. Breakfast will never be the same.

Toasteroid toaster message ideas

Instagram / Toasteroid

The company is currently crowdfunding $150,000 on Kickstarter and will ship to backers in July 2017.

In the meantime, here are 10 ways to upgrade plain toast, sans the fancy kitchen gadget:

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