Shut The Front Door! Swedish Meatballs Aren't Actually From Sweden?

What in the name of Ikea is going on?

swedish meatballs and egg noddles with sauce in a bowl

Photo, Erik Putz.

Trips to Sweden’s unofficial embassy/iconic furniture store aren’t complete without a plate piled high with Swedish meatballs (it’s probably the best $7 you can spend at Ikea, aside from a garlic press). But on Saturday, Sweden’s official Twitter account posted a shocking revelation that stunned meatball lovers around the work: Swedish meatballs are actually … Turkish.

As the BBC notes, after losing a war to Russia, King Charles lived in the Ottoman Empire from 1697 to 1718. When he returned home, he introduced Sweden to a selection of the culinary delights he enjoyed while in exile, including coffee, stuffed cabbage and, it turns out, meatballs.

While many thanked Sweden for its meatball-related honesty, others on Twitter experienced a bit of an existential crisis after learning the truth behind one of their country’s most famous foods.

The one thing everyone agrees on, however, is that Swedish Turkish meatballs are delicious. So why not save yourself a trip to Ikea and make them yourself? Find Chatelaine’s recipe here.

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