The Forthcoming Instant Pot Max Has 2 Exciting New Functions

The Instant Pot Max is expected to hit stores in May or June.

Instant Pot Max is coming: photo of Instant Pot on white countertop

An older Instant Pot model. Photo, Blair Gable.

The Instant Pot hype is real. The Canadian kitchen sensation is an Internet darling, beloved by home cooks, bloggers and even celebrity chefs. At its core, it might be an electric pressure cooker, but it also has the ability act as a slow cooker, rice cooker and even as a yogurt maker. And the latest model, expected to hit stores in May or June, sounds even snazzier.

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According to The Kitchn, the Instant Pot Max will feature a canning and an automatic function, so you’ll really be able to sit back and relax as your Instant Pot makes food for you. It’ll also have different venting options, a new touch screen and on the pressure cooking side, will hit 15 pounds per square inch (PSI, or the unit to measure pressure) — as Bon Appetit notes, previous models reached 11.6 PSI.

While the Instant Pot team has remained mum about the incoming Instant Pot Max, The Kitchn reports this 6-quart device will cost about $200 (USD). Older models, such as the 6-quart Instant Pot Lux, go for about $110 on Amazon (but they do go on sale at stores like Canadian Tire and Walmart).

When Chatelaine spoke to Instant Pot CEO Robert Wang at the end of last year, he said his company would be releasing two new models, with additional capabilities, in 2018. Wang constantly looks for ways to improve upon his existing products by adding new functions and refining the existing ones. It’s all part of his goal to put an Instant Pot in every kitchen.

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