Finally, the avocado emoji of our dreams has arrived

Everyone's favourite toast-topper leads the way in this iOS update, alongside hundreds of new and redesigned emoji. Here are 20 recipes to pair it with.

Photos of new emoji in iOS 10.2

A lot of great additions hit our emoji keyboards today — and it looks like breakfast is the big winner in the food category.

It’s that time of year again . No, not Christmas — the day Apple releases its iOS update with new emojis. And among the hundreds of new emojis is an update to the woefully under-served food section of the keyboard. At the top of the we-can’t-believe-it-took-so-long list? The avocado.

Other exciting additions include a redesigned peach (which faced a contentious change in a beta rollout earlier this year), bacon strips, peanuts, kiwi, baguette and a croissant.

To celebrate the long-awaited emoji, here are 20 amazing avocado recipes.

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