11 chocolate bars you can’t get in the States (and the bar they’re really jealous of)

A cookie-dough KitKat recently landed on Canadian shelves, and chocolate lovers near and far are clamouring to break off a piece.


Kit Kat Chunky Cookie Dough Bar

Photo courtesy of Nestlé Canada.

A pair of gonzo treats from Canadian shelves is stirring up envy in the U.S.: Nestlé’s new KitKat Chunky Cookie Dough Bar, only available in Canada and Europe, has been called “quite possibly the greatest candy ever conceived by mortal minds.”  Then there are Cadbury’s Oreo creme eggs, a cookies-and-cream take on the ultra-sweet Easter treat released in Canada last year and now — due to intense demand — set to hit U.S. shelves later this month.

But Canadians have a long history of diverging from the U.S. when it comes to chocolate. We have more in common with the U.K. and other Commonwealth countries: In North America, only Canadians can delight in a Coffee Crisp, an Aero, or that childhood favourite, Smarties. (Ask for them south of the border, and you’ll be handed something similar to an old-school packet of rocket candies.) Even milk chocolate tastes different in the U.S., according to this interview with Hershey’s senior chocolate expert. It seems “Americans prefer a cheesier flavour to their chocolate, similar to the way a Hershey’s kiss tastes, [while] Canadians prefer a smoother and sweeter taste.”

Below, get a righteously patriotic sugar rush with our short history of Canadian confectionery. (We’ll keep the Coffee Crisps, thank you.)

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