Introducing cucamelons, a teeny-tiny fruit to fall in love with

It looks like a melon, tastes like a cucumber — and is impossibly cute.

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When it comes to incredibly cute foods, there’s nothing that tops the adorbs cucamelon. Though it isn’t actually a hybrid creation, it’s often mistaken for one; it looks just like a mini melon but tastes like a tangy cucumber. Originating from Mexico, the diminutive cuke relative grows on a vine to the size of a grape, and is delicious on its own, as a salad topper, a cheeky cocktail garnish or in a chunky salsa. Cucamelons also make a good pickle.

These darling micro melons aren’t the only frankenfruits we’re swooning over:

A.k.a. plumcots, or apriums. A cross between plums and apricots that are sweeter than the former but bigger than the latter. Bonus: they’re in season right now!    



A weird but undeniably delicious human creation made by infusing Fuji or Gala apples with grape flavour.

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Ugli Fruit
A Jamaican-grown, triple threat with incredible citrus flavour. It’s a hybrid of orange, tangerine and pomelo.

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