10 Of The Most Insanely Decadent Mugs Of Hot Chocolate Across Canada

Warm up with these over-the-top drinks all season long.

A white takeout cup filled with hot chocolate and a tall stack of chocolate whipped cream

Get out your toboggans and sharpen your skates because this winter is shaping up to be the flip-side to the (relatively) mild conditions we’ve experienced over the past few years. Since some meteorologists are already calling for an abundance of snow, it’s time to start preparing by stocking up on essentials, such as boots, a solid parka and lots (and lots) of hot chocolate.

Sure, you can make your own chocolatey mug at home (we’d recommend our festive gingerbread version), but when you find yourself out-and-about and can’t feel your toes, it’s time to defrost with one of these incredibly indulgent hot chocolate options from coffee shops and chocolate makers across the country.

Here are 10 delicious-looking cups of cocoa we’re excited to try, from Victoria to Quebec City.

Koko Monk Chocolates (Vancouver)

For a unique flavour combination and a beautiful, light-green hot drink, order the Rashomon hot chocolate with white chocolate, miso, matcha and sake.

Chocolat Victoria (Victoria)

There’s a long list of hot chocolates on the menu here, including salted caramel hot chocolate, turmeric hot chocolate, chai hot chocolate, chili hot chocolate and four different types of sipping chocolate.

Boxcar Board Game Cafe (Calgary)

Along with its more than 300 board games, this café in Calgary offers adorable, animal-themed hot chocolate art (and butterbeer lattes, to boot!).

Block 1912 (Edmonton)

What’s better than hot chocolate? Ganache hot chocolate and mochas. For an extra-rich beverage, visit this Edmonton café. Its sister café Monument Coffee Bar has a Valrhona hot chocolate on the menu.

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Chocolatier Constance Popp (Winnipeg)

Cold Winnipeg days call for steaming cups of hot chocolate. Find two different varieties at Chocolatier Constance Popp — a milk chocolate version and a spicy espresso-sized cup when you need a rich and dark chocolately pick-me-up.

CutiePie Cupcakes (Toronto)

Starbucks may have made the unicorn frappuccino famous, but this Toronto bakery invented the unicorn latte. CutiePie makes super-Instagrammable treats, like overflowing cups of hot chocolate made with melted white or semisweet chocolate, mountains of whipped cream and cotton candy.

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MoRoCo Chocolat (Toronto)

Hot chocolate at this boutique shop goes way over the top with options that arrive topped with toasted marshmallows, cotton candy, chocolate skulls and macarons.

Érico (Quebec City)

Not only does this shop have a chocolate museum on site, but it also has a long list of different types of hot chocolate to choose from, including options made with dark chocolate, so you can truly appreciate everyone’s favourite sweet treat.

Cacao 70 (Across Canada)

Originally from Montreal, this chocolate-filled restaurant chain has expanded westward and has rebranded in the process. If you stop by, be sure to get the factory hot chocolate, which lets you pour a chocolatey base over a puddle of melted chocolate in a snifter glass.

Perfect day for a hot chocolate. #feedpiglet 🐷☕️🍫

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Sweet Jesus (GTA, coming soon to Edmonton)

Sweet Jesus is spreading its soft serve and espresso gospel across Canada. Those who don’t like coffee can order the Death By Hot Chocolate or this salted dark hot chocolate.