10 Easter Chocolate Treats From Across Canada We Can't Wait To Try

Easter chocolate goes way beyond waxy eggs and hollow bunnies. Whether you’re looking to score a hand-painted, artisan Easter egg or a mass-produced (but still super tasty) treat, there’s a glut of options when it comes to filling up that basket. Here are some new (and OK, a few old favourites) chocolates to shop for and eat this year.

Disco Bunny

The folks at CXBO say they gave “Mr. Peter Cottontail a disco makeover.” These colourful creations come in solid milk and dark chocolate and they’re among the many disco-fied Easter treats at this Toronto shop (but don’t worry, they ship across Canada). ($9, CXBO)

Hershey’s Gold Eggs

Bag of Hershey's gold easter eggs.

Go for gold! Photo, Hershey Canada.

OK, technically these aren’t chocolate—this Hershey’s confection is made with caramelized cream (for a mellow, toffee-like flavour). The eggs are also stuffed with peanuts and pretzels, so they’re great if you love that sweet-savoury combo. ($4, Walmart)


Egguin Salted Caramel Baby Penguin

Chocolate penguin for Easter

The Egguin. Photo, Soma.

It’s like a chocolate egg and penguin combined! Award-winning Toronto chocolate company Soma introduced this caramelized white chocolate treat for Easter 2019. It’s stuffed with a sable cookie fish (that’s filled with raspberry ganache) and comes perched on top of a handmade chocolate-hazelnut nest. This treat is available in stores and can be couriered around Toronto, but there are lots of other Easter treats that ship across Canada. ($38, Soma)

Newfoundland Flavour Bunnies

Chocolate Easter bunny in blue box.

Milk chocolate, blueberries and biscotti. Photo, Newfoundland Chocolate Company.

These chocolate bunnies come in three different flavours, including milk chocolate, dried blueberries and biscotti; milk chocolate, toffee and almonds; and dark chocolate, hazelnut and orange. ($11, Newfoundland Chocolate Company)

Chocolate Eggs

Peace by Chocolate Easter egg poach.

The egg pouch. Photo, Peace By Chocolate.

Each 100-gram pouch of milk chocolate eggs comes with violet seeds that you can plant. This Nova Scotia based chocolate company says, “peace is a garden; so let’s grow it together!” ($5, Peace by Chocolate)

Mini Egg Popcorn

Pink popcorn with mini eggs in cellophane bag.

Pink popcorn! Photo, Jenna Rae Cakes.

Devour this bag of millennial pink candied popcorn. Best of all, it’s studded with mini eggs! ($6, Jenna Rae Cakes)

Spring Bunny Gift Tin

Purdys box of Easter chocolate.

Vintage vibes. Photo, Purdys Chocolatier.

This retro-inspired tin would make an excellent hostess gift. It’s filled with an assortment of bonbons and truffles, so there’s something for everyone. ($23, Purdys Chocolatier)

Easter Egg Hunt Kit

Egg carton of chocolate Easter eggs

This egg carton got an upgrade. Photo, Beta 5.

Find everything you need for an epic Easter egg hunt in this cardboard egg cartoon. And by everything you need, six extra-large chocolate eggs (fillings include peanut butter, hazelnut and strawberries) and 12 mini eggs. ($30, Beta 5)

Pinata Chocolate Egg

Chocolate Easter egg covered in sprinkles

Sprinkle dreams! Photo, Noir.

It’s a party in an egg! Bust open this made-for-Instagram sprinkles-covered egg to find an assortment of chocolatey goodies, like chocolate covered raspberry marshmallows blond chocolate-covered pretzels. This egg comes in two sizes and is available only in stores, but there are lots of other treats that you can order online and ship across Canada. ($27, Noir Chocolat)

Designer Eggs

Harry Potter chocolate easter egg.

An Easter egg, but make it Harry Potter. Photo, The Chocolate Lab.

Try your luck and bid for a hand-painted chocolate egg (each auction is open for seven days). If you win, you can pick your egg up in the Calgary store or ship it anywhere across Canada. Or, buy one outright for $39. (prices vary, The Chocolate Lab)

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