Cloud Eggs: A Breakfast Trend Actually Worth Making

Light-as-air eggs to make all of your breakfast dreams come true.

cloud eggs recipe

Chatelaine’s cloud eggs. Photo, Roberto Caruso.

In a culture where food not only has to taste good, but must also be photo-worthy, it’s no surprise that people have been geeking out over cloud eggs.

With a golden yolk that sits on top of a bed of fluffy egg whites, they’re an ultra-satisfying combination that’s silky, rich and light-as-air. The ethereal eggs have become an Instagram phenomenon, and even a few restaurants have followed suit and added them onto their brunch menus.

What’s interesting about this trend is that its origins date back hundreds of years. Cloud eggs are basically a reincarnation of ‘eggs in snow’— a dish popular with chefs in 17th-century France. Even in those days this method of making eggs was purely for show — something cooks would make to impress their wealthy clients.

How To Make Cloud Eggs

The secret to making cloud eggs is separating the egg white and the yolk and then beating the white into stiff peaks — the yolk is added towards the end of cooking, leaving you with a pillow of airy whites that surround a golden runny yolk.

Cloud eggs are baked in the oven on a sheet pan, so you can easily make enough for a crowd. And as a bonus, they’re cooked without added fat, making them a them a lighter breakfast option.

You can also use cloud eggs as a base for add-ons like parmesan and bacon (mix them into the whites before cooking). Try serving them for weekend brunch to impress your friends, or use them in a fancy breakfast sandwich. Get our cloud egg recipe here.

Here are 6 egg-cellent cloud egg ideas to add some 17th-century-inspired flair to your breakfast routine:

Egg Clouds For A Crowd

Make cloud eggs your new brunch party trick, and cook up a big batch all at once.

Cloud Eggs Benny

Take your eggs benny to new heights (like sky-high).

Sunny With A Chance Of Cloud (Eggs)

Toast your way to cloud 9.

Bacon Dreams

Experiment with add-ins (bacon is encouraged).

Savoury Skillet

I was contacted yesterday morning by BBC Scotland to give my opinion on the cloud eggs craze. Trouble was I'd heard of them but thought it was a bit of a faff so hadn't bothered making them. Silly woman! They are super easy and fun to make. I'm sure kids will adore them too. I had some leftover dal and made a batch of eggs to float on top. Oh my days, best decision! I'm sure it's fab with toast and avos and other breakfasts bits, but trust me, dal is the way to go. Cheeky nigella seed naan too. Btw, I cooked a small batch for slightly less time, refrigerated them and popped the eggs in a hot oven for 2 minutes so Andrew could enjoy them later too. Recipe #ontheblog. #linkinbio 😙😙🐣🐣🍳🍳🍽🍽💛💛🌞🌞 #cloudeggs #breakfastgram #healthyeats #getinmybelly #organicfood #healthybalance #eatwelllivewell #healthylunch #lentils #recipedevelopment #vegetariansofig #eggsforbreakfast #dal #bonappetit #huffposttaste #saveur

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Instantly upgrade breakfast-for-dinner.

Pesto & Proscuitto Puffs

Pesto and proscuitto and yolk porn, oh my!

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