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Behold! Chocolate-Dipped Chips So Delicious And Easy To Make They’re Almost Dangerous

This is the ultimate salty-sweet snack and a super-simple homemade Valentine’s treat.

Three chocolate covered potato chips on a blue background

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My earliest Valentine’s Day memory includes a DIY sugar-cookie decorating station, complete with canned buttercream frosting and sprinkles. I was probably in kindergarten, but since then, I’ve associated this holiday with my one true love: dessert.

Besides shopping for discounted chocolate on Feb. 15, the traditions of this holiday include eating all sorts of pink and red baked goods and, of course, the ubiquitous chocolate-covered strawberries. In my Valentine’s Day playbook they’re the most-overrated show of affection.

Skip the chocolate-covered strawberries

Chocolate-coated potato chipsRecipe: Chocolate-Coated Kettle ChipsStrawberries make no sense in the middle of a Canadian winter — they aren’t in season and the ones at the grocery store literally taste like nothing. Why bother wasting precious chocolate on them? If you need to coat something in chocolate this February (and I do) there’s only one option: potato chips.

Chocolate-coated chips are the easiest thing to make for your Valentine while still being able to commit to using the word “homemade.” The Chatelaine Kitchen’s recipe contains but two ingredients: kettle chips and milk chocolate. The creamy chocolate complements the crunchy, salty chips. If you like dipping fries in Frosties or McFlurries, you’ll love this combo, too.

How to make your own chocolate-covered potato chips

Choose your favourite chip and chocolate brands (or whatever you can find at your nearest convenience store — this recipe is perfect for late-night junk-food cravings). I used a bag of Miss Vickie’s regular and a bar of Lindt Swiss Classic milk chocolate. While Chatelaine’s triple-tested recipe calls for milk chocolate, feel free to use whatever kind you like.

Kettle chips dipped in chocolate on a white plate.

I used plain Miss Vickie’s chips and Lindt milk chocolate. Photo, Amy Grief.

Simply melt the chocolate (the microwave would work just fine), dip the chips and stick them in the freezer on a plate or cookies sheet for three to five minutes. In less time than it takes to order flowers online, you have made the ideal Valentine’s Day gift by hand.

To dress up you creations, dust them with flaky maldon sea salt before you put them in the freezer or sprinkle on some silver dragées. Place a handful in a cellophane bag, tie it with a ribbon and watch your Valentine light up on the big day. Or any day.

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