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The Hot Chocolate Mix Our Food Team Is Raving About

Bonus: It's from a Canadian company.

Bag of Cacao 70 hot chocolate mix on brown background

Cacao 70 is from a Montreal-based company.

There’s nothing more satisfying on a cold winter day than a steaming mug full of rich and creamy hot chocolate. While homemade is usually best, we found a deluxe packaged version from Montreal chocolatier and restaurant chain Cacao 70 that’s even more delicious, and requires no whisking.

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What first makes Cacao 70’s hot cocoa powder stand out is how quickly and effortlessly it dissolves once you add it to hot milk or water (if you avoid dairy or like your hot chocolate on the thin side). Within moments you have a smooth, silky hot chocolate — no stirring little cocoa lumps around and around until your arm hurts or, frankly, until you just give up and ignore them.

We also love that this pre-made mix has a surprisingly small ingredient list: cocoa powder, organic cane sugar, whole milk power and sea salt. It’s essentially the ingredients list for a basic hot-chocolate recipe, conveniently wrapped up in one well-designed package. This simplicity is what makes it seem like homemade.

The cocoa powder clocks in a $17 for a 400 gram pouch (or about $1.30 per cup), making it an indulgent splurge for when you want to impress that après ski — or snow-shovelling — crowd.

Cacao 70 offers a variety of hot cocoa and drinking chocolate flavours, including sesame and dark chocolate, but we’re crushing on the milk-chocolate version. It’s an elevated take on the hot chocolate you’d find in arena vending machines: classic, nostalgic, hot chocolate-y heaven. While sweet, it’s not cloying, making it just a tad too drinkable (not gonna lie, it contains 41 grams of sugar per serving).

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But we’ll take heart in that fact that the number probably pales in comparison to the over-the-top confections Cacao 70 offers at its dessert-focused restaurants around the country (see how we justified that?). The company has locations throughout Quebec, as well as in Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria, with more on the way.

Unfortunately, the mixes are not yet available online so you’ll have to head out to the store to grab yourself a package. But on the bright side, venturing into the latest snow cyclone is sure to get you in the mood for a warm cup of hot cocoa.

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