This Is The Reason Your Next Smoothie, Coffee Or Yogurt Parfait Might Be Blue

Introducing Blue Majik, this year’s most colourful food trend.

tropical blue majik smoothie bowl with berries
Chatelaine’s tropical blue majik smoothie bowl. Photo, Roberto Caruso.

For once, the blues are here to cheer you up. Blue Majik, an extract from the spirulina algae, is the latest health food trend to sweep through Instagram, injecting a bright shot of colour into grey spring days.

Usually green, Blue Majik powder is a proprietary product from organic supplement company E3Live and gets its azure hue from C-phycocyanin, a protein known for its vibrant blue colour and claim to be rich in antioxidants and amino acids. While the powder itself smells a bit fishy (it is an algae derivative), it’s more of a colour and protein boost, rather than a flavour one.

It has become incredibly popular — especially among vegan Instagrammers — and it makes sense why: a pinch of powder makes chia pudding cups and smoothies stunning. Even waffles, toast and lattes benefit from a dash of blue.

So, if the weather is dragging you down (and a tropical getaway is out of reach), browse these colourful treats for a visual pick-me-up.

Blue Whipped Cream On Waffles

Good morning! 💕. I have a really picky eater. I'm so grateful she eats fruits. And waffles. So put the two together, with a little bit of luck, and she may eat it! 😁😁 she had 4 pieces for dinner! 🙌. Do you have a picky eater or were you a picky eater when you were younger? . . . Here are some food facts for thought : . . 🍄 mushrooms are 80 – 90 percent water. . . 🍄 as much as 30 percent of an avocado is oil. . . 🍄 there is a variety of lemon called a baboon. . . 🍄 the most popular fruit in the world is the grape . . 🍄 a fully ripe lime is pale yellow, not green. . . These waffles were made using chloe's @the_smallseed_ recipe found on her page! 💕💕🙌. And because these were inspired by Laura, I'd like to bring these waffles to the wonderfully talented @laurafruitfairy and @xanjuschx for their #plantproteinparty. My favourite way to get protein is from chia seeds. So tiny but so full of iron, calcium and omega 3s! And amazing in jams and smoothies. 😋. . . Thank you to @beautifulcuisines for sharing my photo! 😍 . . . . _______________________________ #feedfeed#thrivemags#bestofvegan#foodphotography#paleo#foodstyling#dessert#waffles #yogurt #fruits #berries #friday #weekend #sugarfree#cinnamon #dairyfree #cleaneating #beautifulcuisines#letscookvegan #gloobyfood#kaylaitsines#yoga#postworkout#fitgirl @thrivemags @a.healthy.nut @vegan_forks @beautifulcuisines @flatlaytoday #flatlaytoday @bestofvegan

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Elevate your Sunday brunch with a dash of blue powder in your whipped cream.

Smoothie Bowl

Picture-perfect smoothie bowls are morning #goals, but Blue Majik seems to make them all the more … well, magical. Get our blue smoothie bowl recipe.

Algae On Toast

Pastel coconut yogurt (turmeric, beet, blue majik) + a healthy dusting of dukkah 👌

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Skip the avocado: Blue Majik, turmeric and beet make a unicorn-inspired spread.

Chia Pudding Jar

Layer your chia-coconut pudding with fruit, maple, mint and chocolate for a sweet, vegan start to the day.

Rainbow Latte

We have no idea how the barista managed to create such a rainbow-hued heart, but we’re digging this latte art.

Blue Yogurt Parfait

Layers of lemon, blueberry, raspberry and pink dragon fruit yogurt sound like a pretty (and pretty tasty) way to start the morning.

Lunar Bagel

Mixed in with charcoal, last year’s hottest colour trend, this lunar bagel spread is out of this world.

Blue Mini Doughnuts

Good morning! 💙. I absolutely love working out. I've been active since I was small and love pushing my body to its threshold. My arms are quite weak though and I've been doing "cheat" (legs on the bars) chin ups and they're *hard*. What part of your body do you feel you need to spend some time on? 😊. . . . Here are some extra strength facts about muscles: . . 🏋 one cause of muscle cramps is a lack of potassium, a nutrient that muscles need to contract. Broccoli is a good source of potassium. . . 🏋 when you exercise strenuously, your muscles deplete the muscle's energy reserves, which leads o stiffness and aching muscles. . . 🏋 astronauts on the international space station spend 2.5 hours exercising every day to keep their muscles strong. . . 🏋 chimpanzees are about twice as strong as humans. . . 🏋 scientists have found that lifting weights for just a short period of time can give your memory a boost. . . These mini donuts: 👇. 🍩 1 cup of flour. 🍩 1/2 cup of coconut sugar. 🍩 1.5 t of baking powder. 🍩 pinch of salt. 🍩 pinch of nutmeg. 🍩 pinch of cinnamon. 🍩 1/2 cup of almond milk. 🍩 1/2 tsp of of apple cider vinegar. 🍩 1/2 tsp of vanilla. 🍩 1 flax egg. 🍩 4 T of butter @earthbalance. 🍩 I combined all the wet ingredients in a pot and warmed it up slightly to melt the butter. Then I added the pot ingredients to the dry ingredients. 🍩 put them into a donut mold and cooked for 10 minutes. 🍩 frosting was bluemajik, icing powder, butter and almond milk. . . . I'd like to bring these bright blue donuts to the lovely girls and @nathaliesader #eatandpartywithus. Thank you for all the amazing inspo!! . . . . . . Have a wonderful Friday and holiday! 😍. . . . . . . . . _________________________________ #ahealthynut#bestofvegan#foodphotography#paleo#foodstyling#dessert#nikon#donuts #doughnuts #blue #holidaybaking #thrivemagss#yoga#postworkout#fitgirl#weightloss#feedfeed#thebakefeed #EarthBalance#kaylaitsines#picoftheday#vegan_forks#f52grams#gloobyfood #holidays #friday #beautifulcuisines

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Mmmmm … doughnuts. ‘Nuff said.

Tropical Cocktail

Prepping for New Years #bluemajik #liningourstomachs

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Just a bit of gin and (blue) juice — a colourful way to cap off the day.

Blue Gelato

Yes, it’s still cold, but this refreshing blue coconut-and-mint-filled cup has us dreaming of sunshine.

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