Banana sushi is our favourite new snack

The world’s most popular fruit gets a superfood upgrade.

First thing’s first: the only thing banana sushi has in common with the raw-fish-and-rice rolls is the shape. But isn’t the name catchy? These bite-sized snacks are one of the latest food fads on Instagram and Pinterest, and they may just revolutionize your weekday snacking habits.

The most consumed and exported fruit in the world has always been a good option to fight hunger pangs between meals. High in potassium with a low glycemic index, bananas help manage the blood-sugar crash that strikes late in the day. Banana sushi just adds extra fun and flash (chopsticks optional) to afternoon snack time, and helps break the 3 p.m. coffee-muffin habit.

Simply coat a peeled banana in nut butter and chia seeds, coconut, pistachios or dark chocolate, and slice it into small portions for a protein- and nutrient-rich nibble.

Here are a few options we’re adding to our snack list this fall:

Nut butter, pistachios and chia seeds.


Peanut butter, chocolate, coconut, quinoa pops and pistachios.


Cinnamon, coconut sugar and puffed rice.

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