Tim Hortons Has An Over-The-Top Mini Eggs Doughnut. So We Tried It

It's like a Mini Eggs nest!

The Easter Bunny visited Tim Hortons early this year, delivering a glut of neon-and-pastel-hued baked goods, including not one, but two doughnuts topped with everyone’s favourite holiday goodie: Mini Eggs.

Doughnut number one is vanilla-dipped with pink and yellow sprinkles and three Mini Eggs in the centre (like a little nest) and the second, topped with green sprinkles, has a Timbit bunny (complete with Mini Egg ears) perched in the centre. Luckily, the Tim Hortons in my downtown Toronto office building carried the former.

Tim Hortons Mini Eggs doughnut on white plate.

The Mini Eggs doughnut in all its glory. Photo, Amy Grief.

I’d been holding onto my final free doughnut token from the Roll-Up-The-Rim season, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to use it (FYI: those free coffee and doughnuts expire, so redeem yours by May 3!). However, my server said top-shelf doughnuts weren’t included in the promo, so I had to fork over $1.69 for my Mini Eggs fix (that’s about 70 cents more than a regular doughnut).

Was it worth the price? If you like vanilla-dipped doughnuts, I guess so? It tastes just like your standard Tim’s yeast-based pastry. Really, there was nothing too special about this doughnut besides its hot pink and lurid yellow sprinkles (seriously, they’re blinding). If only it came topped with pieces of crushed Mini Eggs instead of flavourless sprinkles. A girl can dream.