Tim Hortons Has New Plant-Based Breakfast Sandwiches. But How Do They Taste?

They’re made with Beyond Meat’s breakfast sausage patty and are meant to taste just like the chain's meat sausage sandwiches.


Following other fast food brands’ ventures into plant-based burgers and breakfast sandwiches, Tim Horton’s is now offering three items that feature the Beyond Breakfast Sausage. Beyond Meat, the company behind the buzzy A&W Beyond Burger as well as A&W’s Beyond Meat Sausage and Egger, is supplying Tim Hortons with plant-based sausage patties that have been created to taste, feel, and look similar to a regular meat sausage patty. There are three options available: the Beyond Sausage Egg and Cheese, the Beyond Sausage Farmer’s Wrap, and the Beyond Sausage Lettuce Tomato.

We tried out the new plant-based breakfast sandwiches to see if they’re worth a trip to your closest Timmies.

The Beyond Meat Sausage Egg and Cheese, $4.39

Photo of the Beyong Sausage Egg and Cheese

(Photo: Courtesy of Tim Hortons)

This sandwich is identical to the normal Tim’s Sausage English Muffin—minus the meat. The Beyond Sausage itself was delicious, very peppery and spiced just like Tim’s regular sausage patties. On the whole, it was a satisfyingly greasy fast-food breakfast sandwich—despite a mild veggie-burger aftertaste.

The Beyond Sausage Farmer’s Wrap, $4.99

Photo of the Beyond Sausage Farmers Wrap

(Photo: Courtesy of Tim Hortons)

Loaded up with a Beyond Sausage patty, egg, cheddar cheese, a full hash brown and chipotle mayo, the Farmer’s Wrap is the heartiest option of the bunch. The Beyond Sausage’s texture, which is slightly spongier than normal meat, fit in well with the rest of the wrap—the whole thing has a nice mouthfeel. But it could have used more mayo—some taste-testers added their own ketchup and/or hot sauce, and thought it gave the hangover-friendly offering a much-needed flavour boost.

The Beyond Sausage Lettuce Tomato, $3.99

Photo of the Beyond Sausage Lettuce Tomato.

(Photo: Courtesy of Tim Hortons)

The only fully vegan option of the three, the Lettuce Tomato features the Beyond Sausage on a homestyle biscuit with (of course) lettuce and tomato. Though it’s great that Tim’s is being more inclusive of vegan diets, this sandwich was very underwhelming. Without the other elements of a standard Tim’s breakfast sandwich to mask it, the artificial meat flavour was much more prominent.

Though the Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwiches are slightly more pricey than their meat counterparts (the Sausage English Muffin costs $2.99), they are definitely worth trying. And, for people who want to incorporate more plant-based proteins into their diets—but don’t want to give up fast food—Tim’s new plant-based breakfast sandwiches are good dupes for the real thing and will definitely satisfy the craving for a perfectly greasy breakfast sandwich.

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