The One Show-Stopping Dessert You Need On Your Holiday Table

Who says it has to be all cookies, all the time? These pink coconut snowballs are a perfect holiday treat.

pink coconut snowballs

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Our homemade, hot-pink take on the Sno Ball — a Hostess convenience-store staple which dates back to the late 40s — is the most delightfully OTT dessert. They’re guaranteed to bring nostalgia — and sticky fingers — to any holiday table. Iced (and filled!) with decadent marshmallow frosting, these chocolatey coconut snowballs — rolled in pink coconut flakes — are a fresh holiday showstopper few will be able to resist, no matter how many holiday cookies they’ve already eaten.

pink coconut snowballs
Recipe: Pink Coconut Snowballs

Below, a step-by-step guide to help you create them perfectly at home.

1. Gather your ingredients and tools

Some pre-assembly required: The cupcakes take about 25-to-30 minutes to make, and must cool completely before decorating can begin. You’ll also need marshmallow frosting* and pink shredded coconut*.

(*Go through the steps below for instructions on how to colour the coconut, prepare the frosting, and assemble these tasty mini-cakes.)

How To Make Coconut Snowballs: cupcakes, marshmallow frosting, pink coconut

2. Colour your coconut

Place shredded coconut and pink food colouring into a resealable bag. Seal, then shake until the coconut is evenly coloured. Tip: We use gel food colouring — it’s more concentrated, and the best way to colour the coconut effectively. All you need is a few drops to get the bright pink shade shown here.

How To Make Coconut Snowballs_Colour Coconut

3. Beat the frosting…

Combine frosting ingredients into a large metal bowl over a large pot filled with 1-in of simmering water. Beat with an electric mixer until sugar dissolves.

2-How-To-Make-Snowballs-mix meringue frosting over heat

4. …until stiff meringue forms

Ten minutes with the beaters (on medium high heat) should result in a glossy, smooth meringue, perfect for frosting.

3-How-To-Make-Snowballs-Whip frosting until white and creamy

5. Fill piping bag

Fill a piping bag (fitted with a small plain tip) with half of the frosting.

4-How-To-Make-Snowballs_fill piping bag with marshmallow frosting

6. Fill cupcakes with frosting

Insert the piping bag tip into the bottom of a cooled cupcake, piping about 1 tbsp of frosting into the centre.

5-How-To-Make-Snowballs_fill cupcake with marshmallow frosting

7. Frost cupcake

Pipe frosting evenly over base of cupcake.

6-How-To-Make-Snowballs_Ice bottom of cupcake

8. Spread frosting

Tip: We like to use a small, offset spatula for this step.

7-How-To-Make-Snowballs_spread icing evenly

9. Roll through coconut

This is the fun part! Place the cupcake icing side down on a tray filled with the shredded pink coconut. Using remaining frosting, ice the rest of the cupcake, then roll it around until the snowball is fully coated.

8-How-To-Make-Snowballs_place icing-side down in coconut-frost bottom-roll in coconut

10. Plate

Move snowballs to a serving platter immediately. (Tip: As they’re very delicate, snowballs are best stored on platter you intend to serve them on.)

9-How-To-Make-Snowballs_Arrange on platter

Originally published November 2017; Updated November 2018.

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