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This Is How You Take Classic Rice Krispies Squares To The Next Level

All you need is brown butter and salt.

Rice Krispies squares are a quintessential lunchbox treats for kids (and grown-ups too!). But skip the pre-packaged, store-bought squares in favour of the ultimate puffed rice cereal square recipe. They take all of 20 minutes to make (plus one hour of cooling time), but deliver that sweet, sweet nostalgic flavour you crave—as well as some surprisingly sophisticated tasting notes thank to nutty brown butter and salt. Here’s how to make the Chatelaine Kitchen’s salted brown butter Rice Krispies squares.

how to brown butter How To Brown Butter And Take Your Favourite Recipes To The Next Level

What’s the deal with brown butter?

Brown butter, or beurre noisette, is simply roasted butter. To make it, you heat butter (salted or unsalted both work) in a pot until it turns brown and starts to smell rich and nutty. Quickly take it off your burner (or else it will burn) and pour it into a heat-proof bowl. It’s delicious poured over vegetables, fish and pasta, mixed with shallots and vinegar for an easy vinaigrette, and it kicks baked goods and buttercream icings up a notch. (Naturally, it also works wonders to upgrade the humble Rice Krispies square.)

Why should I add brown butter to my Rice Krispies squares?

salted brown butter rice krispies squaresRecipe: Salted Brown Butter Rice Krispies Squares

While these chewy treats are a classic, they can be a little one-note. With brown butter and salt, you can take this dessert to new heights (and not just to the school cafeteria). The brown butter adds nutty depth, and the salt gives it a little something that truly makes these square sing. These would make an excellent bake sale item and they even work for special occasions—one creative Chatelaine recipe tester has covered them with icing for a sweet and crunchy birthday cake.

Of course, these take a tiny bit more work than your classic puffed rice cereal treats, because you have to brown your butter, but the extra step is well worth it. And our triple-tested recipe makes 32 squares. (That seems like a lot, but they won’t last long, I promise.)

A hot buttered chai latte to wash down those Rice Krispie squares