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The Best Food Containers For Work Lunches

We've rounded up our top picks to be sure your lunches arrive at work crisp, chilled, and sealed in these perfect air-tight containers.

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier by packing lunch, to save time by pre-portioning meals or or to save on food waste (by actually taking leftovers to work) it’s worth giving that jam-packed container drawer a rethink and investing in pieces that will work best for your needs.

Start by doing a serious cull of your existing collection (does it spark joy? or frustration?) and scrap anything you aren’t using regularly. Think long and hard about keeping pieces that shouldn’t be microwaved or put in the dishwasher: is it really worth the hassle?

Second, identify your actual food storage needs: do you need a portable breakfast kit due to your morning time crunch? Do you want your containers to pull double-duty and go from oven to freezer with ease? Are you looking for snack sizes, or containers that seal in oily vinaigrettes for a fuss-free lunch salad?

Whether it’s a lunch kit with a built-in-freezer pack or collapsible boxes that take up little space in your cramped kitchen, here’s our picks for the top food storage containers to round out your collection.

Make an easy veggie soup to take to work this week: