This 5-Ingredient Banana Sundae Tart Is Ridiculously Easy And Hella Impressive

And it only takes 10 minutes of prep before you pop it in the oven.

Banana sundae tart

Our five-ingredient Banana Sundae Tart. Photo, Erik Putz.

Dessert can’t always be a three-tiered cake, covered in meticulously piped rosettes. Luckily, simple ingredients often yield the most delicious (and equally impressive) results. That’s the #dessertgoal the Chatelaine Kitchen was chasing with our new Banana Sundae Tart. We modelled the nostalgic, crisp, caramel-covered confection after the childhood ice-cream treat. Our version, topped with bourbon-soaked cherries, is decidedly more grown-up. The best part: There’s not a rosette in sight.

Banana sundae tartRecipe: Banana Sundae Tart

Here are a few other reasons why we love it

It’s insanely fast.
The tart demands just 10 minutes of active time in the kitchen, so it will bail you out when you decide to throw a last-minute gathering on a Friday night (remember how you were going to leave work super early to cook?).

It’s ridiculously simple.
There are just five ingredients! And one of them is water. The rest: frozen puff pastry, an egg, bananas and brown sugar. Assembly is as easy as putting toppings on a pizza.

It’s super impressive.
Any time bananas are caramelized with brown sugar, you’re guaranteed oohs and aaahs. Then you can humbly declare, “Oh, I just whipped it up.”

It serves a crowd.
There’s enough dessert for nine people from a one-pan recipe. (Or think of it as generous seconds for four.)

Topping tips

We like keeping the toppings classic with vanilla ice cream and slivered almonds — plus a generous drizzle of rich caramel sauce and a cherry on top (obviously). But don’t be afraid to customize: chocolate sauce, sprinkles, fresh berries, whipped cream — whatever you fancy. For a bit of fun, create a do-it-yourself bar — add bowls with sundae toppings to the table and let everyone dive in.

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