How To Peel A Peach The Easy Way

How to peel peaches without making a mess or losing your temper.

As delicious as they are, sometimes eating an unpeeled peach isn’t for everyone. And when you’re baking with peaches, making quick work of the peeling process is knowledge worth having. Unfortunately, peeling this fuzzy-on-the-outside, slippery-on-the-inside stone fruit can be a real piece of work. Fear not—there’s an easier way.

Peach Peeling Supplies

• A pot of gently boiling water
• A bowl of ice water
• A slotted spoon
• A paring knife

How To Peel A Peach

• Cut a very shallow X on the bottom of each peach using a paring knife.

• Place each peach on a slotted spoon and carefully lower into the pot of boiling water.

• Let them simmer in the water for approximately 30 seconds to one minute—just to blanch them.

• Note: It might take up to two minutes to blanch an out-of-season peach.

• After about a minute, use the slotted spoon to remove each peach from the simmering water and immediately place it into the bowl of ice water.

• Let the peaches rest in the ice water until cool enough to touch.

• Once they are cool, use your fingers to peel back the skin. Voila!